Welcome to BITSCOPE

BitScope's goal is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a "Social Listening" platform. Our focus is on developing a one-of-a-kind Social Database for Blockchain and Web3


Social Listening refers to a group of products and services that collect user conversations and reactions to information about a company's brand. The most important process for shaping a business brand and guiding the development of potential customers is social data analysis. BitScope inherits ideas from its predecessor, Web2, and leverages the potential of AI to provide unique social listening services optimized for Blockchain clients.

Community is the key to the success of Blockchain project.!

User support is crucial at every stage of a Blockchain project's development. Not only do users help to generate revenue, but their participation also helps to spread the project's brand throughout the Blockchain space. The process of growing and caring for a community is a long-term one that involves three major steps: "Growth - Measure - Analyze”. Our products serve as a tool for supporting Blockchain/Web3 projects in nurturing and growing a loyal user community.

The long-term goal of our comprehensive social database development project for the Web3 market is called BITbase. This database will contain all information collected from the BitScope ecosystem, including user social account authentication levels, micro-tagged lists, probabilistic mathematics models, and emotional classification conditional groups. BITbase is expected to contribute to the sustainable and transparent development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

BitScope is not only beneficial for organizations but also for individual traders and investors. According to a survey of over 100 investors, the majority (64%) believe that the success of a blockchain/token project depends on the market's FOMO psychology. In addition, the phrase "trend trading" attracts many users. The main issue is: "How to accurately identify trends?”

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